Skydiver Lands World's Smallest Parachute

Skydiver Lands World's Smallest Parachute

Published: April 5, 2014

Venezuela's Ernesto Gainza just placed himself in the record books for landing the world's smallest parachute. On Saturday, April 5th Gainza exited an aircraft above Dubai from 14,000 feet and immeditately deployed a parachute the size of a bed sheet.

"It's been my long time dream to prove to other human beings it doesn't matter how much sacrifice and effort you have to go through to achieve something that you want. You just have to go for it. I want to motivate others to fight for their dreams and fulfill mine as well."

A representative from the Guinness World Records presented Mr Gainza with a certificate after his jump. The previous record was held by a Brazilian, Luigi Cani, whose parachute measured 37sq ft.

Congratulations Ernest!

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The staff and friendly environment gave me the courage and drive to do my first solo jump. I haven't looked back since.

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