Hungry? If you didn't bring food then be sure to stop at some of the local restaurants.


Oliver's Pizza (1)
» (586) 786-9730
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» 16736 26 Mile Rd, Macomb, MI 48042
Passport Pizza & Wings (2)
» (586) 781-0000
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» 16636 24 Mile Rd, Macomb, MI 48042
Vince & Joe's Pizza & Deli (3)
» 1 (586) 781-0970
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» 58865 Romeo Plank Rd, Ray, MI 48096

Family owned Vince & Joe's Pizza & Deli, a skydiver's favorite quick stop for incredible homemade sandwiches, pinni, pizza, Italian. Call head for fast pick up or just stop in! Featuring beer, wine, alcohol and delicious food, Vince & Joe are sure to safisfy the hungriest jumper's appitite!

My skydiving experience on June 20th was everything and much, much more than I expected! I am grateful to all of the staff for their help and support but especially want to thank Phil, my instructor for being absolutely perfect!.

» J. Rosemary Peralta (Rosie)