The Ride To Altitude

Did you know that our aircraft will have you from the ground to 14,000 feet in approximately 15 minutes!

Tandem Skydiving Student Tara And Her Instructor Nate Plumb
Zen & The Art Of Skydiving Photo By Jeff McCarty
Tandem Skydiving Students Priscilla and Petrisha
Photo By Midwest Freefall's Very Own Videographer and Parachute Packer Chelsea Palazzolo
Tandem Videographer, Coach, Accelerated Freefall Instructor and Safety and Training Advisor Art Farley
Incase You Forget While In Freefall, Videographer Jeff McCarty Says SMILE!
Do You Have A Ticket To Ride?
Experienced Skydivers On The Ride To Altitude

My skydiving experience on June 20th was everything and much, much more than I expected! I am grateful to all of the staff for their help and support but especially want to thank Phil, my instructor for being absolutely perfect!.

» J. Rosemary Peralta (Rosie)