Tandem Skydiver Photos Dan Rizzo

Dan Rizzo is one of Midwest Freefall's fantastic photographers. Along with shooting video & taking awesome pictures of our tandem clients, Dan is a USPA rated Coach who helps train experienced skydivers how to perfect their skills in the sky. He's also one the Safety & Training Advisors at our facility. Dan helps insure that our establishment provides the highest in quality & safety standards which are governed by the United States Parachute Association.

Tandem Student Taylor Having The Time Of Her Life With Instructor!!!!
Zen & The Art Of Skydiving
Tandem Skydiver Melissa Exiting With Kenny B
Ever wonder how we get such spectacular photos?  Our videographers stand outside the plane to get the best possible shots of your exit!
Awesomely Cool Tandem Parachute Opening Shot!
Tandem Skydive With Videographer Dan Rizzo
Tandem Skydiver Anna Exiting With Her Instructor Rick Sales
Tandem Skydivers Exiting The Airplane Over The Skies Of Michigan
The Views From Above Are Amazingly Beautiful
Feel The Rush
Transition From Freefall To Parachute
Sky Love
Tandem Skydivers As Parachute Opens
It's A Bird, It's A Plane...No...It's Tandem Skydivers Josh & Kim
Tandem Instructor Cliff Alfiche & His Student Renata
Two Thumbs Up With Tandem Student Austin
Tandem Student Yin Taking The Leap
Tandem Instructor Rick Sales His Student Victor In Freefall
Tandem Skydiver Courtney As Her Parachute Opens
Tandem Skydiver Natasha In Freefall Rockin' It Out!
Tandem Student Lena With Her Instructor Art Farley
Ashley, Art & Blue Skies!
Tandem Student Nate Giving Two Thumbs Up!
The Only Thing To Fear Is Fear Itself
Tandem Student Jacqui Is All Smiles At 14,000 Feet!
Tandem Student Jim Exiting The Airplane
Tandem Student Devin and Instructor Rick Sales
Tandem Skydiver Tamar And Her Instructor Cliff In Freefall
Tandem Skydiver Anna - Peace, Love & Skydiving
Thumbs Up!
Tandem Skydiver Caitlyn Exiting The Plane
Tandem Skydivers Scott & Cliff In Freefall
Tandem Skydivers Brittney & Cliff - All Smiles In Freefall!
The Joy Of Skydiving
Tandem Skydiver Katherine And Instructor Phil White
Tandem Student Katie and Her Instructor Art Farley
Tandem Skydivers Samantha and Art Farley In Freefall
Tandem Skydiving With Laurie And Her Instructor Cliff
Tandem Skydivers Palak And Cliff
Tandem Skydiving With Kelsey and Phil
Peace, Love & Skydiving!
Freefall With Jennifer & Art At Sunset
This Is How We Get Such Amazing Shots!

I highly recommend this place!!! It was a 20/10 experience. They were super friendly, fun, and made my experience better than I could have asked for.

» Aviana Vasko