Tandem Freefall

Did you know that during a 14,000 foot skydive you'll be in freefall for approximately 1 minute? Check out some of the sweet photos taken by our videographers at Midwest Freefall.

Caption This!Videographer Robbie Roncelli Having Some Fun On A Tandem Skydive
Videographer Jeff McCarty Jamin' Out In The Sky
Tandem Student Ryan With Skydiving Instructor Rick Sales and Videographer Jeff McCarty
Peace, Love and Skydiving.  Featuring Tandem and Accelerated Freefall Instructor Phil White
Rockin It Out With Tandem Skydiver Emily and Her Instructor Cliff Alfiche Photo By Jeff McCarty
Don't Look Down!
The Best Things In Life Happen When You Leave Your Comfort Zone.
Jammin' It Out At 14,000 Feet Above Michigan
This Could Be You!  Featuring Tandem and Accelerated Freefall Instructor Ian Cherteiny
Tandem & Accelerated Freefall Instructor Phil White!
It's A Bird, It's A Plane... It's Skydivers!
Tandem Skydiver Kate with Instructor Sam Tomlin
Have you ever felt the thrill of freefall?
Videographer Jeff McCarty Docking Onto Tandem Skydiver Chris In FreeFall.  Featuring Instructor Nate Plumb
Videographer Holding Hands With Tandem Student Farah In Freefall.  Featuring Skydiving Instructor Phil White
Freefall with Tandem Instructor Sam Tomlin and Videographer Jeff McCarty
Jeff McCarty Holding Hands In Freefall With Tandem Student Clove Featuring Instructor John McDonald
It's All Smiles With Instructor Nate Plumb
Peace, Love & Skydiving
Freefall Perfection
Rocking it out in freefall with tandem instructor Nate Plumb
Freefall With Tandem Student Charlene Featuring Instructor John McDonald
Videographer Dan Rizzo Getting Blown Kisses By Shawna In Freefall
Tandem Student Ryan In Freefall Featuring Instructor Rick Sales and Videographer Jeff McCarty

I'm 63 and a jump was on my bucket list. Everyone at Midwest treated me like I was the Hope diamond. There are no words to describe the adventure of a tandem jump...

» Nancy Marzolino