Skydiving Taken At Midwest Freefall By Steve A.

Photos taken by Steve A. at Midwest Freefall Sport Parachute Club

Parachute Landing
Experienced skydiver Russ Lombardo coming in for a landing
Our Caravan has a Blackhawk engine modification which allows to to reach altitude in approximately 15 minutes!
Wingsuiter exiting the airplane
After an exciting day at the drop zone, our packing hanger is full of parachutes!
Tandem Skydivers Coming In To Land
Accelerated Freefall Instructor, Coach and Safety & Training Advisor Art Farley
Experienced skydiver Larry Ekstrom
Experienced skydiver Eric Kastanis landing his parachute
Now Call For The 182!!!
The airplanes of Midwest Freefall Sport Parachute Club
Perfect landing
Our BlackHawk Caravan will get you to altitude in approximately 15 minutes.
Smiling faces and skydivers on the ride to altitude
Ready For Take Off
Got Sky?
Skydiver under parachute
Good Times
Experienced Jumper Rob Cowan
Experienced jumper under canopy
Formation skydive from afar
Experienced skydiver and special guest instructor Jen Sharp
All smiles after an amazing skydive
Sunset At Midwest Freefall
Experienced skydiver Rob Cowan coming for for a landing
Accelerated Freefall Instructor and Coach Deb McCann
Commonly referred to as "dirt diving", skydivers practice on the ground first before making their skydive.
Good Times With Good Friends
Accelerated Freefall Ground Training Featuring Deb McCann
Experienced Skydiver Under Parachute
Experienced skydiver and manifest team member Brad Hill
Experienced Skydiver Just After Landing Her Parachute