Photos by Sam Kovacsevics

Some fabulous shots at Midwest Freefall from one of our team members, Sam Kovacsevics. When Sam isn't packing parachutes, you can find him shooting photos for called a group of skydivers called the "Raw Dogs". These are a jumpers who prefer to fore go the whole freefall experience, deploying their parachutes at 14,000 feet. This allows them more time to practice the art of flying their canopies in formation! Sam is also one of our facility's Coaches rated with the United States Parachute Association!

Freely with Sam Kovacsevics and friends
Homegrown Boogie 2016
Homegrown Boogie 2016

To say we had a great time would be putting it mildly. We had an AMAZING time!

» Stephanie Stanton