Peace, Love and Skydiving! Freefall, Parachutes And Various Skydiver Adventures With Friends Of Midwest Freefall.

Various contributors

Freeflying With Experienced Skydiver Stepan Sotnichenko
The Golden Knights take to the skies at Midwest Freefall Sport Parachute Club.  Photo courtesy of experienced jumper Tony Crimando.
Wingsuiting with Sebastian Mizgala
The ride to altitude with experienced skydivers
Sunset at Midwest Freefall Sport PArachute Club
Freefalling With Doug G
Sometimes you need to think outside the box
Green Light. GO!
Accelerated Freefall Instructor & Coach - Katie Hawkins
Freeflying with Nate and Stepan
Canopy Proximity Flight
Freeflying Wtih Experienced Skydivers Stepan and Marijana
RW Skydiving Formations... Bringing a Whole New Meaning To Hanging Out With Friends
Checking the spot with Ken Bernek
Experienced Skydivers Russ, Ramee and Stepan
Experienced skydivers exiting the airplane.  Photo by Tony Crimando
Experienced Skydiver, Videographer and Parachute Packer Chelsea Palazzolo
Freeflying Wtih Experienced Skydiver Stepan Sotnichenko
The Ride To Altitude
When the Sky Meets the Horizon
Don't forget to smile
Proximity Canopy Flight With Nate Plumb & Christina Kase
Taste The Excitement With Chelsea Palazzolo
Beautiful sunset for to make your100th skydive with Ken Bernek and Chris Bohn at Midwest Freefall Sport Parachute Club.  Photo taken by experienced skydiver of Tony Crimando.
Feel The Rush
Sunset Skydive
Sunset Skydive
Puppet Dive With Friends!
Proximity Parachute Flying With Steve A. and Christina Kase
Married on the ride to altitude!
Hanging Out With Coach and Parachute Packer Sam Kovacsevics
Crazy Fun With Experienced Skydiver Alexis
Formation skydiving
There are a variety of ways to enjoy freefall!
4 Way Skydive With Deb McCann, Rick Sales, Russ Lombardo and Christina Kase
FreeflyFreefall "Dock"
Proximity Parachute Flying On Landing

On May 27, my 87th birthday, I did a skydive with Phil as my " tandem buddy ". What a thrill !

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