In The Door

What does it look like to be in the open door of an aircraft, at 14,000 and about to jump out?

Ever wonder how the videographers get such amazing shot of our tandem skydivers exiting the aircraft?  They stand on a tiny step outside and hold onto a hand rail on to of the plane.
Instructor Nate Plumb with Tandem Skydive Student Chris
Everything Looks So Small From Above. Tandem Skydive Student Kendall With Instructor Phil White and Videographer Jeff McCarty
It's A Long Way Down For Tandem Skydive Student Joey With Instructor Sam Tombin and Videographer Art Farley
Carpe Diem!  Tandem Skydive Student Priscilla Featuring Instructor Phil White With Videographer Jeff McCarty
Ready, Set.... Go!! Photo By Videographer Dan Rizzo Featuring Phil White and Tandem Skydive Student Shawna
We Will Take Your Breath Away!  Photo By Art Farley Featuring Tandem Skydive Student Manoj and Instructor Phil White
Green Light Means Go!  Experienced Skydivers Getting Ready To Leave The Airplane

Midwest is home to some of the finest wingsuit flyers and coaches, Crew dogs, RW and freeflyers around with the best plane in Michigan.

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