2017 Sisters In Skydiving YWCA of Greater Flint Charity Event

Sisters In Skydiving is a female mentorship program which is aimed helping newer female skydivers in the sport. Experienced female skydivers mentor newer female skydivers. In a sport that is primarily male dominated, us Ladies need to hep one another out. Each year, Midwest Freefall has an annual Sisters In Skydiving event. In 2016 & 2017 we organized a charity event during our S.I.S. weekend to help benefit the YWCA of Greater Flint's SafeHouse for victims of domestic violence, sexual assault and abuse. Photos shown are are the Ladies attempting to claim the Michigan State Female Sequential Record in honor of the YWCA. All photos were taken by Randy Carrico

Experienced Female Skydivers Attempting To Claim A State Record Over The Skies Of Michigan
The Ride To Altitude With The Ladies
Skydiving Sisterly Love During Our Sisters In Skydiving Annual Charity Event To Benefit The YWCA of Greater Flint
Commonly referred to as "dirt diving", the ladies practice on the ground before making the actual skydive together.
Practice On The Ground Before Making The Actual Skydive
Midwest Freefall Sisters In Skydiving RW: State Record Attempt
It's Raining Female Skydivers!
Before making the actual skydive, jumpers "dirt dive" aka practice on the ground
Female Michigan State Skydiving Record Attempts
Ladies practicing for their skydiving state record attempt in honor of the YWCA of Greater Flint
All smiles from female skydiver and instructor Casey Magyar
Sisters In Skydiving is a female mentorship program which is aimed at helping female skydivers who are new to the sport.
Allison Reay Member of The Denver Broncos Thunderstorm Skydive Team
Ready, Set, Go!
Inside the parachute packing hanger
Female state record attempts in honor of the YWCA of Greater Flint
Ready Set Go!
Sisters In Skydiving events are a wonderful way for females in the sport of skydiving to come together.

The most wild, incredible, unforgettable thing I've ever done!!!!

» Michelle Marie Wolf