Video Services

At 120 miles per hour, your brain is trying to process the different sensations from the chill in the air, the rush of the wind, the feeling of freefall and as a result there are things happening you're not aware of.

Don't bypass one of our video packages. Our amazing video flyers will capture the gear up, the walk to the aircraft, the ride to 13,000 feet and of course the amazing freefall and landing. We offer photography and DVD video edited to great music. Saying you skydived versus showing your skydive to the world is a big difference!

Video Services

Option Cost
DVD Video & Digital Stills Photography - An edited digital video of your skydive plus 40-80 digital high resolution photographs delivered on a USB drive $119.00


The staff and friendly environment gave me the courage and drive to do my first solo jump. I haven't looked back since.

» Nate Plumb