Robbie Roncelli

Videographer | Coach | Tandem Instructor

Ratings: Coach |Tandem Instructor

Jumps: 1390+

USPA: 271390 | D-36110

About Robbie Roncelli

After a career path change due to a motocross injury, I started working with my father as a full time plumber and drain cleaning technician. Did my first tandem skydive in 2012 at Midwest Freefall at the age 19. Since then, I've done every thing I could to dive head first into the sport. I cannot express the amount of passion which I have for skydiving and canopy piloting! Why do I love skydiving? Because it's everything awesome. Whether I'm belly flying, free flying, wingsuiting, or flying my canopy, this sport gives me so much to learn. Our drop zone at Midwest Freefall SPC is way above and beyond anything I could find anywhere else. This private grass runway, the iconic Red Barn, the awesome hangars, fire pit, shade tents, and friendly yet close knit group of skydivers here at Midwest Freefall, truly make it a Sport Parachute Club and my home. The view from above here is gorgeous. See for yourself! There is way more to this than falling out of the sky. Don't fall, FLY. I am currently a videographer, tandem instructor and a coach at Midwest Freefall SPC, and plan to continue to always excel and grow in this sport. Outside of skydiving I'm still a full time plumber. I love a challenge; extreme sports are for me. Other hobbies include: motocross, snowboarding, wakeboarding, wrenching, racing, Kabota'ing etc. Live Love and Let Fly

What an awesome experience!

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