Nate Plumb

Coach | Tandem Instructor

Ratings: Coach | Tandem Instructor

Jumps: 700+

USPA: 271494 | D-35915

About Nate Plumb

I started skydiving in 2013 with the sole intentions of honing my skills to become a B.A.S.E. jumper. What I had originally seen as a stepping stone has since become one of my greatest pleasures and favorite pastime. I fell in love with skydiving and the skydiving community which I now see as family. I now participate in B.A.S.E. jumping regularly but I will always be a skydiver as well.

When it comes to skydiving I do it all. Some of my favorite sky activities are anything under canopy including High pulls, CRW, and swooping but I also enjoy Tracking, angle flying, and free flying. Another aspect of skydiving that I enjoy is teaching. I am currently a Coach and a Tandem Instructor and I love helping students learn and watching them progress. I would like to encourage anyone at the drop zone to feel free and approach me if they have questions about anything sky related, I will be more than happy to help!

Outside of skydiving I work for FCA US LLC as an Advanced Performance Engine Dyno Technician/Calibrator. My hobbies besides skydiving include, Dirt biking, Snow skiing, Snowboarding, Water skiing, Camping, exercising the 2nd amendment and pretty much anything else involving the great outdoors. I also like to workout regularly and stay in shape. Hope to jump with you soon and Blue Skies!

"Midwest Freefall is a fantastic place to go."

» Barb Sapien