Josh Magill


Ratings: Coach

Jumps: 265+

USPA: 280953 | C-44247

About Josh Magill

I started skydiving doing static line jumps in Wisconsin back in fall of 2014 and was hooked immediately (pun intended). After moving out to Michigan, I finished up my license, transferring to AFF which got me hooked on freefall. Over the past few years, I've focused on FS jumps and a good bit of tracking as well. I've started to transition over to the dark side of back flying and angle jumps, which I couldn't be more hooked on. As a full time job, I am a manufacturing engineer at Ford, often working more hours than I care to admit. When not working or skydiving (which is rare), I am a competitive wakeboarder as well, loving some time on the lakes in the summers. In the winters, it's pretty much just working out at Krav Maga Detroit and daydreaming about skydiving. Couldn't be more excited for another fun season and can't wait to have the opportunity to work and jump with you all!

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