Jonathan "Catfish Bon Jurke" Burke


Ratings: Coach

Jumps: 350+

USPA: 281040 | C-44438

About Jonathan "Catfish Bon Jurke" Burke

Jonathan "Catfish Bon Jurke" Burke is a Critical Care Paramedic, Fire Fighter, Rescue Scuba Diver, & currently works as an RN in his local ER... but this is only how he funds what he "does." He is a recording artist & children's author under the name of Bon Jurke. He enjoys powered paragliding, flying his Cessna 150, wing suiting, world travel & any other way he can get in the air. A life long extreme sportist, he grew up in the Pacific Northwest, skiing & snowboarding some of the worlds biggest & baddest mountains & even longboarded a few! A very friendly & affable fellow, you'll typically find him after a day of jumping at the bonfire with his guitar!

The most wild, incredible, unforgettable thing I've ever done!!!!

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