Joe Thompson

Coach | Raw Dogs CRW Organizer

Jumps: 400

USPA: 182491 | A49914

Links: Facebook

About Joe Thompson

From Grand Rapids, MI, I was raised by a pack of crazy skydivers. As a kid, I looked up at my Dad's canopy stacks thinking that was skydiving and that's what I wanted do some day, so here I am.

Joe Thompson is a valuable member of the Midwest Freefall skydiving team. He's a fantastic coach and "Raw Dogs CRW" organizer. We highly recommend talking to Joe if your interested in some top notch CRW coaching or want to participate in one of his courses!

I'm 63 and a jump was on my bucket list. Everyone at Midwest treated me like I was the Hope diamond. There are no words to describe the adventure of a tandem jump...

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