Chelsea Palazzolo


Jumps: 652+

USPA: 250983 | A-82087

About Chelsea Palazzolo

My name is Chelsea Palazzolo and I was first introduced to the sport of skydiving in 2010 while dating a guy who had recently dove into the tight knit community. After accompanying him on a whirl wind year of traveling to various drop zones, a number of tandem jumps and meeting all the incredible like minded people, I KNEW I needed to get my feet off the ground solo. I started AFF in Georgia, finished in Tennessee and continued the first 5 years of my love for skydiving in the South Eastern side of the country. I started packing parachutes shortly after graduating AFF not only to help pay for the jumps, but for the packing mat comraderie and the abundance of skydivingequiptment knowledge learned while doing the same thing over and over again! When I moved back to Michigan in 2016, I immediately reached out to Randy asking if he needed a packer and he contacted me that same day to welcome me! Since being at Midwest Freefall I have found that sense of home and family with the staff and jumpers here, enabling me to grow and learn from some of the most seasoned veterans in the sport. This has allowed me to spend more time in the air and work on the skills needed to become a videographer and share the thrill of jumping out of airplanes with tandem students. I am excited and humbled to be part of such an established drop zone and look foward to many seasons working with my "Sky Fam"!

The most wild, incredible, unforgettable thing I've ever done!!!!

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