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A One on One Talk With iFLY Instructor Maddie Baylog - Special Guest Organizer July 12 -14th

» May 9, 2019

Maddie Baylog will be organizing and offering learning oppotunities during our 4th annual Sisters In Skydiving Boogie to help benefit the YWCA of Greater Flint on Friday, July 12 through Sunday, July 14th. Each year we use this event to not only help inspire female skydivers, but also offer an educational experience to help build their abilities, confidence and skills in the sky through special guest organizers and mentors.

Recently, we had a chance to speak with Maddie about her experiences as a skydiver and wind tunnel instructor at Rosemont's iFLY in Chicago.

We hope you will find her as inspiring as we do!

A Little Bit About Elizabeth "Zibby" Alexander - Special Guest Organizer July 12-14th

» April 18, 2019

We are pleased to announce Elizabeth "Zibby" Alexander of the Women's Skydiving Leadership Network will be joining us as a special guest organzier during our Sisters In Skydiving Boogie. to benefit the YWCA of Greater Flint on Friday, July 12th through Sunday, July 14th.

Recently, we had a chance to interview Zibby about her experiences when she first began her journey to become a skydiver, what made her decided to get involved with the Women's Skydiving Leadership Network, about being a mentor to women in the sport and much more.

Midwest Freefall Sport Parachute Club 2019 Skydiving Events

» February 2, 2019

Here's a list of featured events at Midwest Freefall for our 2019 season!

Midwest Freefall Sport Parachute Club 2019 Skydiving Events

» February 2, 2019

Here's a list of featured events at Midwest Freefall for our 2019 season!

Thanksgiving - December 24th Holiday Gift Certificate Special Offer Is HERE!

» November 22, 2018

Midwest Freefall's holiday gift certificates are here!

Midwest Freefall's Black Friday - Cyber Monday Gift Certificate Deal!

» November 13, 2018

Looking to give that perfect holiday gift this year?

Midwest Freefall's Black Friday - Cyber Monday Gift Certificate Deal!

» November 13, 2018

Looking to give that perfect holiday gift this year?

Sisters In Skydiving Guest Organizer Casey Magyar

» July 9, 2018

Special Guest Organizer Casey Magyar will be joining us as a featured female organizer during our annual Sisters In Skydiving event July 13-16!

Now Taking Online Reservations!

» January 20, 2018

Can't wait to book your 2018 skydiving adventure? Online reservations are now availible!

2018 Accelerated Freefall Ground School Schedule

» January 19, 2018

Are you interested in becoming a licensed skydiver? Here's how to get started in making our dreams come true.

Female Michigan Skydiving Record Claimed At Midwest Freefall

» January 7, 2018

Congrats to the Ladies who claimed the United States Parachute Association's Female State Skydiving Record!

The Geezer Squad Breaks Three Skydiving Records At Midwest Freefall

» January 7, 2018

The Geezer Squad sets out to break Jumpers Over Seventy (JOS) skydiving records over the skies of Michigan.

2018 Season Begins April 14

» January 1, 2018

Midwest Freefall begins its 18th year of amazing skydiving activity on April 14, 2018! We are looking forward to springtime weather coming our way and with that we are looking skyward and forward to our 2018 season.

Cyber Monday Facebook Giveaway Winner

» January 1, 2018

Share and like our special video post on Facebook for a chance to win a 7500ft tandem skydive. Winner to be announced on Cyber Monday at 8pm.

Special Home Grown Guest Organizer Isaac Hensen!!!

» August 12, 2017

We are please to annouce another Home Grown special guest organizer, Isaac Hensen!

Home Grown 2017 Special Guest Organizer Garet Bloodworth!

» August 12, 2017

Garet Bloodworth, lead instructor at iFly Chicago, will be a featured guest organizer during Midwest Freefall's 2017 Home Grown Boogie!!!

One on One Interview With Professional Skydiver Katie Hawkins

» August 16, 2016

In a sport primaraly dominated by men, Katie Hawkins is a woman who shines as bright as the sun. Whenever you see her, she's full of energy, good vibes, and wears her passion for the skydiving on her sleeve. Katie works at Midwest Freefall Sport Parachute Club as a Coach, Accelerated Freefall Instructor and Videographer. She's s a possitive role model, especially for women in the sport, and adored by all who meet her.

Tandem Skydiving: The Top 5 Things to Ask Before You Go

» May 28, 2015

Are you thinking of making a skydive? If so, do you know what questions to ask? How can you tell the difference from one skydiving center and another? We answer your questions here!

Garet Bloodworth- Rosemont iFLY extraordinaire!

» March 22, 2015

See how Garet Bloodworth transitioned from skydiver to wind tunnel instructor at Rosemont's iFLY facility located near Chicago!

Arturo J Rivera Jr.

» March 12, 2015

Midwest Freefall would like to meet our newest staff member: Arturo J Rivera Jr!

Skydiving: What You Need to Know Before You Jump

» August 26, 2014

Before booking your skydive, there are a few things you should know in advance to enhance your experience.

Skydiving Myths Revealed

» August 18, 2014

Watch any news report about skydiving and you'll find that the majority of the facts are incorrect. There's a lot of misinformation out there, so we clear up some commonly held myths about skydiving in this week's article - Skydiving Myths Revealed

The Top 5 Skydiving Movies

» August 11, 2014

Rating the top five skydiving movies of all time is difficult - I mean how many movies focus on skydiving AND have great acting? We rest our case. Nevertheless, we've selected five movies whose popularity positively impacted the skydiving industry.

What Does It Feel Like to Freefall at 120 mph?

» August 7, 2014

What does it actually feel like to freefall towards the Earth at 120 mph? Find out here.

The Top 5 Things to Look for When Selecting a Skydiving Center

» August 1, 2014

There are lots of drop zones in the United States that offer skydiving, but no two drop zones are the same! There isn't a manual out there telling you what to look for when selecting a DZ for your skydive.... so we're here to share some insider knowledge!

The Top 5 Michigan Summer Adventures

» July 30, 2014

Maybe we're biased, but if you're an adventure lover or outdoor enthusiast, Michigan is THE place to be in the summer. With so many amazing activities to choose from, how can you possibly decide? No worries! We've got you covered. Here's our list of the top 5 Michigan Summer Adventures.

Top 10 Reasons to Skydive at Midwest Freefall

» July 29, 2014

Why would you skydive out of a perfectly good airplane? Good question! Actually, there's plenty of good reasons to skydive at Midwest Freefall, but let's start with the top ten.

10 Questions with Art Farley

» June 13, 2014

Tandem and AFF Instructor Art Farley made his first tandem skydive at the tender age of 40 and has been hooked ever since. Find out what keeps Art coming back jump after jump, why his students inspire him, and how he dreams of taking on Felix Baumgartner in this week's 10 Questions with Art Farley.

10 Questions with Dan Rizzo

» May 26, 2014

Dan Rizzo's first skydive was a birthday present from his family and he's been hooked ever since. Whether he's setting state skydiving records from 21,000 feet, backpacking through Italy or practicing law, Dan is passionate about life! Find out more about what inspires Dan and what he loves about skydiving in this week's 10 Questions with Dan Rizzo.

10 Questions with Isabel Hammen

» April 28, 2014

Isabel Hammen started jumping at Midwest Freefall in 2013. She's super enthusiastic, fun, outgoing and someone that loves the sport! Read her insights in this weeks 10 Questions with...Isabel Hammen.

11 Questions with Nick Peariso

» April 8, 2014

Nick Peariso started skydiving in June of 2011 and from his first jump he was immediately hooked. Skydiving has become a pasion of mine with quite a bit of my focus in Wingsuiting. I enjoy to show/teach others what I love, skydiving!

Skydiver Lands World's Smallest Parachute

» April 5, 2014

Ever thought about jumping off the roof with your bedsheet as a parachute? Ernesto Gainza from Venezuela did it! See the footage here!

Did You Know?

» March 30, 2014

Did you know that Google founder, Sergey Brin is a skydiver?

The staff and friendly environment gave me the courage and drive to do my first solo jump. I haven't looked back since.

» Nate Plumb