Women's Skydiving Leadership Network Camp Featuring Elizabeth "Zibby" Alexander

Date Details: July 13 - 15, 2018 — 2:00 pm - Dusk

We are pleased to announce Elizabeth "Zibby" Alexander of the Women's Skydiving Leadership Network will be joining us during our Sisters In Skydiving Boogie to benefit the YWCA of Greater Flint on Friday, July 13th through Saturday, July 15th.

Zibby began skydiving in 2014 and has almost 500 jumps and 20 hours in the tunnel. Native to Northeast Illinois, she proudly calls Skydive Chicago home. She has experimented with numerous disciplines and is currently focused on belly FS. Zibby is a Coach and LO at SDC and co-leads the A-License Club, introducing newly licensed skydivers to safe fun jumping. She is thrilled to fly point in an all-female 4way team and is slowly branching out into camera flying. She loves to go snowboarding in the off-season, and during weather holds she crochets Amigurumi and anything else she can dream up.

Zibby will be holding an Intro to FS camp which will be FREE to all females who are registered for the Midwest Freefall Sisters In Skydiving event. All you have to do is register for the Sisters In Skydiving Boogie, then sign up for the camp! Both links are below!



The Intro to FS Event is designed to run over two days and is broken into two skill levels. The flow of each day begins with a lecture on each technique to be taught and follows with a jump designed to work on the skill in the air. Ideally, we plan on 4-6 jumps per day. The general curriculum outline follows:

PART ONE: Moving Around (25-100 jumps):

  • Safety Review
    • Gear checks
    • Emergency Procedures
    • Plan the dive, dive the plan
    • Altitude awareness
    • Exit safety
    • Freefall awareness and safety
    • Tracking
    • Canopy control and traffic awareness
  • Bodyflight Skills & Jump Basics
    • Neutral body position
    • Fall rate control
    • Flying the exit
    • Forward, backward & sideways movement
    • Controlling movement: Start-Coast-Stop
    • Walking a dive
    • Taking grips
    • Creeping basics

PART TWO: FS Basics (100-300 jumps):

  • Safety Review
  • Formation Skydiving Techniques
    • Looking/Freefall Communication
    • Slot flying
    • Stopping before gripping
    • Keying points
    • Designing a jump
    • Walking a dive (advanced)
  • Open Discussions: Taking Your Skill to the Next Level
    • Fun jumping
    • Big ways
    • Teams & Competitive Skydiving

The volume of material to be presented is extremely comprehensive and easily tailored to skill level, desired jumping pace and external factors like weather. If the participants are eager and prepared to jump as much as possible, each topic can be broken into small parts and covered briefly before each jump. Likewise, on weather days, there is more than enough material to fill both parts with plenty of learning, discussion and ground exercises.

Amazing women perform at the top levels of skydiving in all disciplines. However, our numbers are small: only 13% of USPA members are women, and only 10.9% of new A-licenses in 2015 were issued to women. We believe that having more women instructors, role models, and mentors at dropzones around the country is critical to raising the number of women in our sport. To make this happen, the Women's Skydiving Leadership Network provides women with opportunities for training, networking, and fellowship throughout their skydiving careers.

I'm so glad my first tandem jump was at Midwest Freefall...

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