Sunrise Saturday

Sunrise Saturday

Date Details: Saturday, August 8, 2015 — 5:00 am - Dawn

Sunrise from 14,000 feet can be a spectacular sight!

The journey will begin as you board the aircraft when it's still dark and start the climb to alitude. On the way up you'll see the beauty of morning creeping in over the dimly lit world below. On a clear morning, you can see Detroit and all of the electric lights that reach towards the city center as we circle, waiting for that perfect moment to open the door and exit the aircraft. Some days the sky will appear to be on fire. Then, just as the sun peaks it's first glimpse over the world below you will enter freefall. As you decend in freefall and under canopy, Lake Saint Clair will reflect with the brilliance of the morning sun. It actually becomes darker as you approach the landing zone during your skydive. Then once you've landed the sun will appear to rise again, spilling it's radiance over the land.

We invite you to come share this breath taking experience with us.

Wonderful place to fo skydiving! Just went today for my first time and loved it.

» Kayla Landsparger