Special Guest Organizer Allison Reay (Performance Designs R&D Assistant Project Leader

Date Details: July 14 - 16, 2017 — 12:00 pm - Dusk

We are pleased to announce that Allison Reay will be joining us on Friday, July 14, 2017 for the Sisters In Skydiving Boogie. If you are not familiar with her, Allison is a 30 year old badass female jumper from Deland who works full-time with Performance Designs as a test jumper. Basically that means she jumps prototype parachutes and then works with PD's engineers to try and make them better, then jump them again, and repeat.

She learned to skydive in Colorado and the majority of her 8500 jumps were at Mile-Hi Skydiving Center, where she worked as a videographer and AFF-I. Allison is also a member of the Denver Broncos Team Thunderstorm, a swooping demonstration team that jumps into all of the pre-game shows of every Denver Broncos home game. She is the ONLY female to ever jump into that stadium. In Allison's own words, "It has been an amazing opportunity".

Most of her "fun" jumps involve the canopy discipline. She likes swooping and competing on her Peregrin 64 & Valkyrie 67, doing CRW and dabbling in classic accuracy. Allison also has 450 BASE jumps including long canopy rides or landing her PD Proxy in tight/technical areas.

Allison will be speaking Friday, Jule 14th during our dinner at Cracklewood about her experiences in the sport and female leadership. She will also be out organizing loads all weekend!

We look forward to her sharing her knowledge, experiences and organzing skills during our Sisters In Skydiving event!!!

On May 27, my 87th birthday, I did a skydive with Phil as my " tandem buddy ". What a thrill !

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