Midwest Freefall Safety Day 2020

Midwest Freefall Safety Day 2020

Date Details: Saturday, March 14, 2020 — 10:00 am - 2:00 pm

Are you a licensed jumper, an AFF student or a solo status skydiver?

If you are, then join us on March 14th at 10am for Midwest Freefall's Safety Day 2020!
Whether you've been jumping during the winter months or just need to brush the dust off your wings because you haven't been in the sky since last fall, Safety Day is the best way to get season started off right.
With featured presentations:
"A Big DZ Look at Safety"
"Midwest Freefall Jeopardy"
"Climbing the Progression Ladder (Without Falling Off)"
We'll be reviewing all the important stuff like proper gear checks, emergency procedures, spotting, landing patterns, and a ton of other good info that should be fresh in everyone mind before we begin the 2020 skydiving season!

Safety Day will begin at 10am promptly.
We look forward to seeing everyone after a long cold winter and can't wait to get the 2020 season off to a great start!

"Midwest Freefall is a fantastic place to go."

» Barb Sapien