Rookiefest Training 2018 At Midwest Freefall - Week 6

Rookiefest Training 2018 At Midwest Freefall - Week 6

Date Details: Wednesday, July 11, 2018 — 4:00 pm - Dusk

Join Coaches Kyle Schroeder & Claire Greenshields on Wednesday, July 11th for Rookie Training 2018. Come pratice the dive flows for Rookiefest so you are prepared for the competition.

  • Free coaching and video
  • Learn useful skills to be a safe and competent jumper
  • Train to win!
  • Help represent Midwest Freefall at Rookiefest!!

What is Skydive Chicago's Annual Rookiefest? It's basicly the Nationals for beginning skydivers. Held at Skydive Chicago, this annual competition has some sweet prizes and awards for winners which include tunnel time and gear. This year, it will be held in late September. All rookie skydivers from any drop zone are welcome to participate in this 3-way scrambles style competition.


Rookie skydivers can participate in up to 2 Rookiefest Competitions, provided they neet either of these criteria:

Less than 200 total jumps OR Less than 2 years in the sport as a Rookie

You do not need to attend each week to participate, so come on out and get some practice before the big competition!

I'm so glad my first tandem jump was at Midwest Freefall...

» Darcy Day