Midwest Freefall's Annual Safety Day - 2018

Midwest Freefall's Annual Safety Day - 2018

Date Details: Saturday, March 10, 2018 — 10:00 am - ??

Whether you're a skydiver who just went through Accelerated Freefall training in 2017, a Sky-God with 20,000 jumps, or anywhere in the middle, Safety Day is important.

Established by the United States Parachute Association in 1997, Safety Day is a worldwide forum at local skydiving centers to help prepare skydivers for the coming season. Featuring lectures, open discussions and hands-on learning/reviews of procedures lead by skydiving operation professionals and experts. Topics range from on proper safety procedures, EPs, rigging/gear maintenance, a review of new and current Midwest Freefall/USPA/FAA/Local rules & regulations, and many other important focused on keeping you safe in the skies.

Stay tuned for more details on special guest speakers, topics of discussion, and additional details on Safety Day 2018!

Weather permitting, we will be able to skydive afterwards.

Please see our Safety Day 2018 Facebook Event Page to confirm attendance.

This is an amazing drop zone!

» Mac McElroy