Accelerated Freefall Ground School Training Course - Train To Become a Licensed Skydiver On September 7th!

Accelerated Freefall Ground School Training Course - Train To Become a Licensed Skydiver On September 7th!

Date Details: Friday, September 7, 2018 — 5:00 pm - Dusk

Do you wish to take your love of skydiving beyond the tandem skydive? If so, this is the place for you - Let our team help make your dream a reality and become a licensed skydiver.

Our training program is known as AFF - Accelerated Free Fall.

AFF is a seven (7) jump progression program designed to add skill sets that transform the novice to a safe and independent, solo skydiver.

Classroom/Ground Training and First Jump - Classroom/ground training begins on Fridays at 5:00 pm running until approximately 9 pm, and continues on the next day (Saturday) at 9 am wrapping up about noon. Students will make their first skydive on Saturday afternoon, weather permitting. Classes are first-come, first-serve.

To register for our Friday, September 7th Accelerated Freefall Ground Training Course, CLICK HERE and begin your adventure of being a licensed skydiver!


First Jump Course & Jump 1

The program begins with an intensive ground school known as the first jump course. Lasting between six to eight hours, first time jumpers are trained on how to use the parachute equipment, correct freefall body position, emergency procedures and flying the parachute. The class is followed by your first jump with two instructors who fly alongside giving feedback to correct body position and assist where needed.

Jumps 2-3

Training continues adding additional skill sets for each jump. Jumps two and three are made with two instructors.

Jumps 4-7

Jumps 4-7 consist of jumping alongside one instructor who will be adding your to your skill sets preparing you to make jump number eight a completely solo skydive!

Located 25 minutes from Detroit. We cater to new jumpers who live near the Detroit, Lansing, Ann Arbor, Flint, Jackson, Pontiac, Dearborn, Saginaw, Bay City and all over Michigan. Let our team of USPA certified instructors teach you how to spread your wings and take flight with our Accelerated Freefall program.

Take to the skies above Michigan with the BEST instructors and skydiving facility in the state!


Package Cost
Ground Training - (required first) 150.00
Level 1 - First Accelerated Freefall - the name says it all. An amazing sense of accomplishment! 205.00
Level 2 - Preparation for your release dive - more body control. 205.00
Level 3 - This is your release dive - your instructors release you and you fly on your own. 205.00
Level 4 - One instructor from here on out. You will be released and learn hover control in free fall. 180.00
Level 5 - You will learn how to glide forward in freefall. 180.00
Level 6 - This is a combination of turns with forward motion. 180.00
Level 7 - This is your graduation jump, your now cleared off AFF! Our experienced coaches can help you continue your training to obtain your skydiving license. 180.00

The most wild, incredible, unforgettable thing I've ever done!!!!

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