Info & Rates

Info & Rates

Making reservations at Midwest Freefall Skydiving Center is easy! Call us directly or book online through our website. All pricing includes training, equipment, tickets to altitude - there are no hidden fees!

Our rates are neither the most expensive nor the least expensive, but we will take great care of you. We do not compromise on safety and invest in the best equipment available to give you the time of your life!

Tandem Pricing

Day Option Cost
Sunday Tandem Skydive - Open 9am-Sunset $239.00
Monday Tandem Skydive - Closed
Tuesday Tandem Skydive - Closed
Wednesday Tandem Skydive - Open 4:00pm - Sunset $219.00
Thursday Tandem Skydive - Closed on Thursdays
Friday Tandem Skydive - Open 4pm-Sunset $219.00
Saturday Tandem Skydive - Open 9am-Sunset $239.00

Group Pricing

Special Cost
Groups 5 - 9 $10 off per person/regular price
Groups 10+ $20 off per person/regular price

Video Services

Option Cost
DVD Video & Digital Stills Photography - An edited DVD of your skydive plus a CD of 40-80 digital high resolution photographs $119.00

Experienced Pricing

Day Option Cost Gear Rental
Sunday Lift Ticket - Open 9am-sunset $26.00 $25.00
Monday Lift Ticket - Closed
Tuesday Lift Ticket - Closed
Wednesday Lift Ticket - Open 4pm-sunset $26.00 $25.00
Thursday Lift Ticket - Closed on Thursdays
Friday Lift Ticket - Open 4pm-sunset $26.00 $25.00
Saturday Lift Ticket - Open 9am-sunset $26.00 $25.00

Accelerated Free Fall (AFF) Pricing

Package Cost
Ground Training - (required first) 150.00
Level 1 - First Accelerated Freefall – the name says it all. An amazing sense of accomplishment! 205.00
Level 2 - Preparation for your release dive – more body control. 205.00
Level 3 - This is your release dive – your instructors release you and you fly on your own. 205.00
Level 4 - One instructor from here on out. You will be released and learn hover control in free fall. 180.00
Level 5 - You will learn how to glide forward in freefall. 180.00
Level 6 - This is a combination of turns with forward motion. 180.00
Level 7 - This is your graduation jump, your now cleared off AFF! Our experienced coaches can help you continue your training to obtain your skydiving license. 180.00


The entire staff is friendly and very welcoming.

» Jeff Weiss