First Time

First Time

Your first skydive is going to be in your top five...first kiss, first child, marriage and your skydive! This is an event you will never forget! Picture yourself at 13,000 feet at the door of an airplane and looking out on the horizon. Your heart is racing a million miles an hour, but you're about to be free! Your instructor calls out "Ready, Set, GO!"

As you leave the plane, something feels amiss. Rather than feeling scared, you feel exhilaration! Though traveling at 120 miles per hour, you have no concept of speed. You don't feel like you're falling - YOU FEEL LIKE YOU'RE FLYING!!! You feel ALIVE and HAPPY! After landing, you're pumped knowing that you can do anything becuase you jumped out of a plane and loved it!

If you're contemplating making a skydive - think about joining us for your jump. Midwest Freefall is a family-oriented dropzone and we love sharing the sport that we're so passionate about! We care for our customers and are attentive to safety and attention to detail. If this is your first jump, we recommend you make a tandem skydive with one of our professional instructors. Tandem training involves approximate 40 minutes of training and a sense of adventure!

Tandem Pricing

Day Option Cost
Sunday Tandem Skydive $229.00
Wednesday Tandem Skydive - 4:00pm - Sunset $199.00
Thursday Tandem Skydive - 4:00pm - Sunset $209.00
Friday Tandem Skydive - Operations begin at 2:00pm $219.00
Saturday Tandem Skydive $229.00

Tandem Specials

Special Cost
Saturday and Sunday Early Bird Special - Save $30 OFF Every Saturday and Sunday at 9:00am. Cannot be combined with other discounts. $199
Saturday and Sunday Twilight Special - Save $30 OFF Every Saturday and Sunday at 4:00pm. Cannot be combined with other discounts. $199
Military Personnel Tandem - With ID $20 OFF
Students - With ID $10 OFF

Group Pricing

Special Cost
Groups 5 - 9 $219/Person
Groups 10+ $209/Person

Video Services

Option Cost
DVD Video & Digital Stills Photography - An edited DVD of your skydive plus digital still photography on a CD $99.00


The entire staff is friendly and very welcoming.

» Jeff Weiss